Thank You Thursday: Larry "Frisbee" Davis '77 MS '79

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Larry “Frisbee” Davis ’77 MS ’79 has been everywhere lately, or so it seems.

Throughout the summer, as part of their participation on the UCLA Parents Council, Larry and his wife Nancy were regulars at the UCLA Fund-Parent Giving’s parent orientation lunches. On at least one occasion, Larry took to the microphone to talk about his passion for UCA.

Larry recently graciously participated in an interview for the UCLA Fund website, talking to us about why he supports UCLA philanthropically.

And he even took time off from work to make a cameo in the UCLA Fund’s recently released video, which we sent out as part of our Fall e-solicitation, entitled “Bruin Fanatics”. In the video, Larry wore his custom UCLA blazer and took Joe Bruin out to lunch.

Bruin Fanatic - Alumni from UCLA Fund on Vimeo.

The UCLA Fund wishes to recognize and express its gratitude for the love and appreciation that Larry has shown to UCLA over the years, and especially over the past couple of months.

Want to get involved at UCLA like Larry? There are many ways to get involved, including as a volunteer with the UCLA Fund. We recently closed the application period for students to join our Student Giving Committee, but we’re about to start recruiting for the Young Alumni Development Council (for Young Alumni Chancellor Circle donors who are within their first 10 years of graduation from UCLA) and we’re always looking for Chancellors Associates to join our regional committees. You can learn more by contacting your director of development today.

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